Get to Know the Babes




Bellamy D. Starr

Co-owner/ Showcast Director 

Alejandro (Gabe) is a 24 year old Fredericksburg native who works at Spencer Devon Brewing during the day and performs as Bellamy D. Starr at night. Involved in entertainment since the age of 6, he has been involved in numerous community theater productions, danced and choreographed in the Gay United States and Gay America Pageant Systems, and attended Christopher Newport University for Vocal Performance. In just 4 years of female impersonation, Bellamy helped build the foundation of Beer Babes in early 2018, learned to sew and costume, began competing in pageantry and was crowned Miss Impulse GSC 18-19, Miss Gay VA United States At Large 19-20, and Miss Gay East Coast United States At Large 20-21. As co owner and Entertainment Director, Gabe is excited to bring his knowledge and experience of the arts to the team at Beer Babes LLC!

Dasani C.  Starr

Co-owner/ Artistic Director



Andrew has been In the performance industry since the young age of 5. From then he has captured international titles ,stared  in national commercials and print-ad Campigns, and has been in over 17 Professional theatrical productions including “La Cage Aux Folles” the musical precursor to “ The Birdcage”. Along with his 7 years of ballet and contemporary dance training he is excited to bring all of this expertise to the table when helping to run this company!!


Katrina Colby 

Cast Member/ Secretary 


Est.2010 This Queen has been snatching crowns and takeing your money! Holding titles such as Miss Vice Versa, Miss Capitol City Gay Pride and 
Miss Purple Parrot! Entertaining for 10 years She has become THE heavy hitter all over the east coast! Recently settling down in the DC area in 2017, she has taken the district by storm!



Amber C St. Lexington

Cast Member


She’s a self-proclamed baby queen. This girl has been on the circuit only 3 years but this baby can WALK! Standing 7 feet tall in heels, she brings to Richmond a type of drag that you have never seen before. Years of professional make up experience manifest in a mix of high-fashion glam looks on the stage, and fans come to be wowed by hair flips, 360 splits and infamous leotards. If you like it the you better put a ring on it because this diva brings the stage presence and she brings the energy.  


London Lestrange

Cast Member

24, is a Pisces/Aries cusp that loves well-endowed men with great credit, just like her. She is a graduate from VCU with a degree in Spanish, French, and Film production. She is currently in grad school for screenwriting for Television and Film, and hopes to one day win an Oscar for her work in film. Working with the Beer Babes Cast has been a great joy for her during her drag career and she cannot wait to see what the future has in store for us all. Thank you so much for your patronage! 


Mya L’Cie Starr

Cast Member

Also known as Daniel Blackwell, Mya is just your average 6'1 "girl" that loves to give a good show. During the day just a property manager making a living but at night a fierce drag queen ready to entertain. Huge fan of Video Games she tries her best to put her love of video games into her drag. It's one thing that makes her unique. Started doing drag because she always wanted to perform but never knew what type. Found out that men in wigs and dresses can be a talent 3 years ago and have not stopped since. Began performing because of the thrill of being on a stage , now performs for the people that look up to her and enjoy her as a human being. After a while you start to grow relationships with people and those "fans" turn into family. Those people are the reason Mya L'Cie Starr continues to do what she does and love every minute of it.


Bianca Blake Starr

Cast Member

I celebrate 16 years in drag in 2021.
Given the nickname the showgirl of the South 
I have always had a flair for vegas showgirl style drag. 
The ostritch population decreased when I hit the scene .
I made my start here in Richmond VA in the early 2000s. At Godfreys nightclub. 
In my years I have had the honor of being crowned 
Miss Gay Fredricksburg 
Miss Gay Harrisonburg 
Miss Gay Arlington 
Miss Gay Impulse Gay Social Club. 
Miss Godfreys. 
Miss Gay Mid atlantic US 
Miss Gay Virginia US  
Miss Gay commonwealth US 
Miss Gay Virginia America. 
And many more other honors and titles. 
I have hosted many amazing events and shows over my many years and graved the stage with many amazing artists .
I've was featured in the valentine museum and even sat with the governor as he declared pride in VA for the first time making VA and national history 
But my biggest accomplishment is my talented drag children who are now perusing there own national dreams and I could not be more proud.
And as always I leave with my famous words 
"You should not need to wear a crown to know who you are. They should see the the invisible crown you wear every time you enter the room. "